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Free time activities in the surrounding of the 749-mich 4-star castle palace hotel Kraichgau

Wine from Baden - Wine tastings for groups from 12 people

Heitlinger Weingut (vine-growing estate) and Wine-Forum Gastronomy, Wine-bistro and Culture-Stage, A. Muhlberg, 76684 Ostringen-Tiefenbronn in the Kraichgau,
telephone number: +49 (0) 7259 / 91120, about 6 km south:

  • Wine tasting in the cellar. Guided tour through the wine cellar with information on viniculture including 4 wine samples right from the wine keg / barrel. For groups from 12 people. Time period: about 60 minutes.
  • The "Acker-demiker-Probe" wine-tasting with 6 different wines. Guided tour through the cellar with information on viniculture including 6 samples. For groups from 12 people. Time period: about 80 minutes.

The Automobile and Technology Museum in Sinsheim car cars airplane museum airplanes plane

You don't necessarily have to be a fan of motorised vehicles in order to enjoy a visit at the Automobile and Technology Museum of Sinsheim (about 9 km east of the 749-mich castle palace hotel Kraichgau). You'll find a wide range of vehicles and technical devices from the early 20th century until presence on an exhibition area of more than 30 000 sqm. The great variety of the museum is very well manifested in the large number of oldtimers. In addition to the oldtimers, there are many other vehicles, air vehicles, race cars of the "Formula 1", motor-bikes, motor tractors, armors, locomotive engines, airplanes and a museum of technology which can be admired by the guests. Road map

Heidelberg on the Neckar River

Unlike any other german town, the city of Heidelberg (about 35 km away from the 749-mich castle palace hotel Kraichgau) is praised in many poems and songs. The romantic town on the Neckar River with its picturesque places and narrow alleys is internationally known and charms many guests from all over the world every year. Heidelberg is distinguished because of its unique location. The town, which is surrounded by the "Heiligenberg" mountain and the "Königsstuhl" mountain in the north and the south, forms the gate through which the Neckar River leaves the Odenwald Forest and enters the wide Rhine River plains. Heidelberg is also the oldest university town in present Germany. The townscape is dominated by the world famous castle ruin, which used to serves as a residence of the "Kurpfalz" for more than 500 years. Besides that, there are also many other interesting profanitory and sacral buidlings in Heidelberg.

In 1386, Ruprecht I from the Palatinate, laid the foundation stone for the oldest university in present Germany in Heidelberg on the Neckar River. Today, there are almost 30 000 students who visit the university of Heidelberg. The old student prison in the old university (built between 1712 and 1735), whose walls are covered with small inscriptions and drawings of the arrested, can be visited. The university square connects the old university and the new university (1928 to 1931). In the exhibition room of the library there are important, partly hand-written texts of religious and profane literature of the Middle-Ages and Modern Times. The most valuable treasure is the "Codex Manesse" or the "Grosse Heidelberger Liederhandschrift" which is a Middle High German collection of lyrics of the 14th century. After the "Bibliotheca Palatina" had been abducted to Rome in the year of 1623, this collection finally came back to the library of the university in the 19th century.

The castle of Heidelberg belongs to the most famous sights in Germany. This castle is a reference of the splendid times of the past, but it's also a symbol of the past of magnitude and power. The facility, with its numerous buildings (Ruprechtsbau, library, "Frauenzimmer" building, "Fass" building, "Friedrichs" building, Altan, glass hall building, "Ottheinrichs" building, "Ludwigs" building and castle park),  reflects the eras and styles of different rulers. Road map

Holiday Park in Hassloch in the Palatinate amusement park adventure park

The Holiday Park in Rhineland-Palatinate (about 49 km northwest of the 749-mich castle palace hotel Kraichgau) is one of the biggest amusement and adventure parks in Germany. Many attractions, like the Expedition "GeForce", spinning barrels, free fall tower, dancing pavillion, thunder river, devil's barrels, super tornado, balloon race, storm ship, bounty tower, castle Falkenstein, channel drive, "Anno Tobak", Tour de Fleurs, etc. promise great fun. Besides this, there's a colorful and varied show program that will entertain you. Of course, there are also many possibilites to enjoy culinary treats.

Arrival by car: About 10 km along the federal highway B 39 to the freeway A 6, connection point Wiesloch / Rauenberg. After 12 km at the junction point, change to the freeway A 61 in direction Ludwigshafen. After about 20 km, leave the freeway A 61 at the junction point Schifferstadt. From there, it's only about 9 km along the highway L 532 to the Holiday Park in Hassloch in the Palatinate. Road map

Boat cruises on the Neckar River




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Wine tasting, automobile and technology museum Sinsheim, Heidelberg on the Neckar River, Holiday Park Hassloch in the Palatinate

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