Road map of Germany 1 airport Stuttgart castle hotel hotels
749-mich Castle Palace Hotel Kraichgau
Germany Heidelberg Heilbronn Neckar River Restaurant Culture barn Terrace open air Rooms room Rates Canopy bed Gift Certificate Certificates Travel Coupon Meeting Conference Conferences Center Seminars Meetings Wedding Destination Location Marriage Celebration

The 749-mich castle hotel Kraichgau is closed.
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Road map no. 1 airport Stuttgart Germany

Landkarte Deutschland burgen-schloesser-430-7, © 2000-2002 WHODistances to airports in Germany

Airport Frankfurt on the Main River, about 108 km
Airport Stuttgart, about 112 km
Airport Nurnberg / Nuremberg, about 207 km
Airport Cologne / Bonn, about 264 km
Airport Dusseldorf, about 322 km
Airport Munchen  / Munich, about 333 km
Airport Dortmund, about 334 km
Airport Erfurt-Bindersleben, about 398 km
Airport Hanover / Hannover, about 469 km
Airport Leipzig / Halle, about 495 km
Airport Dresden, about 496 km
Airport Hamburg, about 605 km
Airport Berlin-Tegel, about 624 km
Airport Berlin-Schonefeld, about 626 km

Road map from the airport Frankfurt / Main to the 749-mich castle hotel Kraichgau.

Airports in neighboring foreign countries

Airport Strasbourg / Strasbourg, about 133 km
Airport Basel, about 245 km
Airport Luxembourg /
Luxemburg, about 261 km
Airport Zurich, about 307 km
Airport Amsterdam, about 528 km
Airport Paris, about 554 km









749-mich 4-star castle palace hotel Kraichgau, between Heidelberg and Heilbronn Germany, Neckar River

Restaurant, culture barn, terrace, open air site

Castle hotel rooms room rates canopy bed

Meeting hotel conference conferences center seminars meetings

Wedding destination location marriage celebration castle hotel

Wedding castle chapel hair dresser photographer

Menu buffet suggestions castle hotel

Drinks, appetizer, juice, champagne, beer

German red wine tasting Germany white wines

New Year's Eve vacation package party packages arrangement Germany

Wine tasting, automobile and technology museum Sinsheim, Heidelberg on the Neckar River, Holiday Park Hassloch in the Palatinate

Free time, sports, hiking, biking, cycling, bicycling, swimming, pool, horseback riding, tennis

Golf in Germany, club, clubs, course, courses, sports, vacation, hotel, hotels, school, training, lessons

Neckar River, day boat cruise, cruises ship

Road map of Germany no. 1 airport Stuttgart castle hotel hotels

Road map no. 2 Stuttgart Baden-Baden Karlsruhe Lake Constance Freiburg Baden-Wurttemberg Germany

Road map no. 3 arrival from the airport Frankfurt Hesse castle hotel hotels

Road map no. 4 arrival from Ludwigshafen, Sinsheim, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Hockenheim Ring Hessen Baden Wurttemberg

Road map no. 5 Heidelberg, train station Sinsheim, parking


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