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Free time activities - free time and sports

Hiking map maps wine studies path trail barbecue grill hut route

A stay at the 749-mich castle palace hotel Kraichgau offers good conditions for hiking holidays, trips or a hiking vacation. The possibilites for hiking are very large. The various country lanes and hiking trails of the community of Angelbach valley are suitable for relaxing walks as well as for smaller hikes. Along the vineyards in the area of the Herrmannsberg mountain, there's also a wine studies path on which you can gain interesting knowledge about viniculture.
The local barbecue grill hut belonging to the community at the Angellocher Weg path is the perfect place for a little picnic. The Kraichgau with its gentle mountain landscape also offers possibilites for long and ample hikes. Well signposted hiking trails lead through nice meadows and shady forests. It's recommendable to use hiking guides and maps of the Rhine-Neckar-River-district or of the region for longer hikes through the Kraichgau.

Biking cycling bicycling bike bicycle tour path trail

If you like biking and you are planning a bike vacation, you'll find many biking rails in the Rhine-Neckar-River-district and in the Kraichgau.
There's a well signposted net of biking trails with a complete length of more than 1000 km in the Rhine-Neckar-River-district. There are convenient biking trails, which are especially suitable for children and families as well as challenging routes. Most of the bicycle paths through the Kraichgau are based on different themes.
You can reach the Kraichgau castle path, which leads from Bad Schonborn (about 12 km west of the
749-mich castle palace hotel Kraichgau) through the Kraichgau and the Hohenloher Ebene to Rothenburg ob der Tauber River from the Angelbach valley. If you plan a bike hiking or a longer bike tour, it's recommended to get a bicycle hiking map.

Swimming bathing swimming pool sports hall swimming lessons

People who like to swim will enjoy the two swimming pools in Sinsheim (about 9 km away from the 749-mich castle palace hotel Kraichgau).

  • On hot days, you can cool down in the heated open air swimming pool at the Schwimmbadweg (Swimming pool path). Besides swimmer pool and the separate non-swimmer pool, there's also a children's bathing area with a water playground, a huge slide, a massage mushroom, a large sunbathing area, a beach volleyball court, a miniature golf course and a cafeteria, which all belong to the swimming pool facility.
  • On colder days, the indoor swimming pool on the Ilvesbach creek invites you to bathe and swim. Besides the swimming pool, there's a diving board area, sprinklers, sproodel heads and a modern tanning booth, which make the visitors feel completely fine. Swimming lessons are also offered in the indoor swimming pool.

Horseback riding holidays vacation fun sports estates teacher lessons

People who love horses can also make a trip on the back of a horse during their stay at the 749-mich castle palace hotel Kraichgau.

  • In Angelbachtal valley, there's a horseback riding estate, which offers guided rides.
    Contact address: Reiterhof Uhrich, Holbinsenstrasse 31, 74918 Angelbachtal,
    phone: +49 (0) 7265 / 379 and +49 (0) 171 / 226 3962
  • A horseback riding estate in Kraichtal-Menzingen (about 16 km south of the 749-mich castle palace hotel Kraichgau) offers guided rides of about 1 hour, pony riding for children and upon request, also several hours horseback riding hikes.
    Contact address: Reiterhof Hiller in Kraichtal-Menzingen
    phone: +49 (0) 7250 / 300 or +49 (0) 7250 / 406
  • If you would like to learn how to ride on a horse or if you are interested in riding lessons, you should contact the Trotter and Pony Club Kraichgau in Sinsheim. The riding club also has a riding hall.
    Contact address:
    Traber- und Ponyverein Kraichgau, Dr.-Bell-Strasse 6, 74889 Sinsheim, Felix Hohlweck, phone: +49 (0) 7261 / 706

Tennis court vacation hall club

If you like tennis, you'll find a nice tennis court in Angelbach which has several tennis courts. Unfortunatly, there is no tennis hall.

  • The tennis courts are cared for by the tennis club Angelbach. Tennis teachers of the tennis club also offer tennis lessons.
    Contact address: TC 1974 Angelbachtal e.V., Friedrich-Hecker-Strasse,
    74918 Bad Schonborn, phone: +49 (0) 7265 /49211.




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