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schloss-michelfeld-411.gif (51688 Byte)The castle in the Kraichgau

The former castle 749-mich of the barons of Gemmingen, belongs to the community Angelbachtal in the Kraichgau, about 5 minutes driving distance from the freeway A6 (Mannheim-Nuremberg). The castle, which is idyllically located in a park in the center of the town, is presented in a plain, two-story rectangular building in baroque style from the middle of the 18th century. The neo-classical roof gable and the representative staircase bear witness of the modification of the castle in the 19th century. The water ditch, which used to surround the castle 749-mich , is dried up today. But a stone bridge reminds of the former existence of it. You reach the castle entrance, which is crowned by an emblem of the barons of Gemmingen, over the bridge.

Castle history

The present day the castle 749-mich was probably founded on a water castle fortress from the 12th century. Until the 14th century, the water castle fortress served as a residence for the local aristocracy. The water castle fortress was completely destroyed during the Thirty Years' War (1618 to 1648). The lords of Gemmingen-Hornberg let the former water castle 749-mich to be constructed in 1753 on this site. A great castle palace with restaurant is accomodated in the neighboring estate. From there, you can enjoy the beautiful view over the mansion-like main building.

The 749-mich castle hotel Kraichgau

Arrive... and just feel fine.. The hospitality of the 749-mich castle hotel Kraichgau surrounds the hotel guests right from the beginning and turns your stay into a wonderful experience.

Sights in Angelbach valley in the Kraichgau

Castle Eichtersheim
In addition to the castle
749-mich, there's a second castle in Angelbach valley. The castle Eichtersheim was built during the 16th century in the renaissance style. But in the 18th century, it was rebuilt to baroque style. The three wings facility is surrounded by a castle pond and a castle park with ancient trees and botanical rarities. The city hall and the civil registry office are accomodated in the castle Eichtersheim today.

Historical city center
Exemplary sanified, the city center of the town part Eichtersheim presents itself with well-preserved archways and buildings from the baroque era. The old city hall from the year 1773 and the former
synagogue, which was restored upon old example, are worth mentioning. The synagogue is one of the few that survived the disturbances of the Third Reich without having been destroyed.

The two protestant churches in the Angelbach valley were built in baroque style, too. The catholic House of the Lord is a modern hexagonal construction from the year 1968.

Natural monument Herrmannsberg
The natural monument Herrmannsberg arises outside of the Angelbach valley in the Kraichgau. It's surrounded by vineyards on an evenly rising hill with a small pine forest on top.

Excursion trips

You stay overnight in one of the 18 stylish furnished hotel rooms (2 single bedrooms, 16 double bedrooms). All rooms are equipped with a satellite TV, mini bar, hair dryer, shower or bath and private toilet.

The 749-mich castle hotel Kraichgau in Baden-Wurttemberg offers a cozy ambiance in familial atmosphere. It's ideal for quiet and relaxing stay as well as for festivities like weddings, birthday celebrations, jubilees and much more. According to the seating arrangement, the castle hotel offers space for up to 250 guests in the magnificently furnished  banquet rooms of the castle and in the Kulturscheune (culture barn).

In the castle restaurant  you can enjoy exclusive culinary specialties. From there, you have a great view over the picturesque castle park. Homemade cakes, ice cream specialties and light dishes are served in the summer on the open-air terrace of the castle.

The house also offers meeting rooms, which are furnished with modern technical equipment that can be used by conference participants.

The community Angelbach valley in the Kraichgau

The community Angelbach valley in the Kraichgau is a quite young community, which, in the course of the Distric Reform in 1972, came into existence through the amalgamation of two towns, which were independant until then. Angelbach received its name from the Angelbach creek which runs through the community. Both town parts can look back on a long history. Both towns were already mentioned in written documentary in the Codex of the South-Hessian monastery Lorsch in the first part of the 9th century. Some very interesting buildings, mostly in baroque style, still remind of past centuries today.




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